Concatenate cells and formating text

I have 4 columns A, B.C.D with many rows.
Each row have text in only one column.= every time
The cells have text on the D column have red color
In each row, on G column i use the function (1 row) = A1 &B1&C1&D1 (2 row) = A2 &B2&C2&D2
In cell fro G column i have the text from A or B or C or D column

i want final the results on G columns have red color if take from D column because the print area have only G column

this is my problem
my system is:
Build ID: 1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial2
CPU Threads: 4; OS Version: Linux 4.10; UI Render: default;
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); Calc: group


Concerning formats and styles you won’t get happy with alien file formats. Use the native ODF-formats (default extensions .ods, .odt, .odg …).

Thank you my Friend !!! I didi it as tou say with .ods Format
One more please …
I have many columns …more of ten and must be red from columns D, F ,K ,M what must write in function ?

Hello @dimzev,

try in column G the following formula:

(this is for in cell G1, then drag the cell handle downwards for the whole range):


The style called “Error” produces a red background and white characters, you can insert your own preferred style here.

EDIT 2017-09-24

Odd, when i opened your xls file in Calc, i immediately got this page:

maybe you don’t have a cell style called “Error”, please check with a cell style that you have.

You can see your available cell styles via the menu "Format : Conditional Formatting : Condition..." , then click on the dropdown listbox called "Apply Style" . There you can also create a new cell style.

To create a new Cell Style with a red font:

  1. Click the menu "Format : Styles : New Style...";
  2. In the dialog box that appears, type a name for your new Style, e.g. “Red”, and click OK;
  3. Then press F11 to toggle the “Styles and Formatting” panel;
  4. Right-click on your newly created style and select “Modify…”;
  5. in the Cell Style dialog that appears, select the tab “Font Effects” and set the Font Color to Red.

take a look to the fille i am upload …nothing happens

please see updated answer with screenshot.

i upload aggain ,
you have right i dont have cell style “Error” , i try to make but as yoy see i cant, can you help me with this step ?
*what is EDIT 2017-09-24?

EDIT signifies that i edited the post there, now i edited it again, please see EDIT 2.

i cant … i try many times but i cant make it work , perhups something i missing i dont know .
Have time to try with skype and teamviewr , skype facebook anything idea?

concatenate cells and formating text further question…
If i have in one row 2 or more columns with text
i need take result the text from last column with formating they have
example in th LOupload22:
6 row result must be FG (red)
14 row must be sdf (black)
15 row must be dgg (red)
can you help me about this problem ?

I don’t feel sure about my understanding of the recent comment by @dimzev on the answer by @librebel: Have a look into the attached demo to find the alternatives I considered - and a suggestion how to get the intended results for the interpretation of the question looking most likely to me.

An unsolicited advice: Don’t inflate formulae if enhancements are intended. You get clearer structures by using helpers (often columns, sometimes a few cells). Maintenance, scaling, and enhancements often are substantially facilitated this way.

See this attached example.

you have right !!
thank you!!