Convert a text in a cell in a formula in another

i need to convert a text from a cell that is already a simple math formula (example: 50+60) to an actual formula in another cell (basically add the “=” at the beggining) in order to solve the expression without changing anything in the first cell
I need it to be automatic with no “find&replace”, i’m already using the ="="&A1 solution in order to add the = symbol and convert it afterwards from text to operator with “find&replace” but i need to skip the last part.
there is a solution i can implement? i can use as many cells/sheets as needed.

to better explain myself
A1 is 50+60-10…etc… with no “=” sign
A2 have to solve what is inside A1

Welcome! Have you seen this topic - is there a way to calculate all the numbers that belong to a single cell?? Or did you not look for ready-made answers and immediately asked a question?

i’ve searched but used the wrong keywords; it is an hour that i’m looking for the answer but “convert text in formula” or “add operator at the beggining of a cell” returned no results for my case; sorry and thanks for the answer

Perhaps this topic will give more information - Return results by putting “=” in front of expressions in another cell . There is also no answer “Yes”, but the discussion is more detailed