cups Authentication not working correctly

We just installed Ubuntu 20.04.1 with LibreOffice 40(Build:2) and cups 2.3.1-9ubuntu1.1

When printing, an authentication windows pops up, but I can’t save the credentials.
When printing from other applications, the authentication window pops up once and I can save it in seahorse, and this authentication will be used the next time I print from any application.

Why doesn’t this work in LibreOffice 40(Build:2)?

On an other computer running Ubuntu 16.04.7 with LibreOffice 10m0(Build:2) and cups 2.1.3-4ubuntu0.11, printing is using the seahorse saved credentials.


We just installed Ubuntu 20.04.1 with LibreOffice 40(Build:2) …

This makes me feel you add another incarnation of many problems related to initial installs of LibreOffice (from distribution repository) on Ubuntu 20.04 based GNU/Linux distributions. I’d perform the following procedure:

Complete Deinstallation

  • dpkg --list | awk '/ii/&&/libreoffice/{print $2}' | sudo xargs apt --yes purge
  • sudo apt --yes autoremove
  • sudo rm -r /usr/lib/libreoffice/* (ignore errors on this step)

New Installation (if using Ubuntu Base Repos or PPA)

  • sudo apt update --yes
  • sudo apt install libreoffice libreoffice-gtk3 libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb libreoffice-help-en-us --yes


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Hope that helps

On the third Deinstallation step I get this:
$ sudo rm -r /usr/lib/libreoffice/*
rm: cannot remove ‘/usr/lib/libreoffice/*’: No such file or directory

Should I ignore and just start with New Installation?

What is in parenthesis of this step? isn’t “(ignore errors on this step)” not clear enough?

I have tested the removal and installation of LibreOffice like described above, but unfortunately this did not resolve the issue.
We still get the popup for authentication which works, but still at every print

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