deleting sounds list in impress

I’m having a few obscure problems with One is that impress appears to remember previously used transition sounds (they are in the list of sounds), but doesn’t start them correctly. New sounds work correctly. If a sound has the same name as a previously used one (the previous one having been deleted), it is not recognised as a new sound. Can I edit or delete the list of sounds?

Still running into this problem. Unless someone can come up with an answer, this appears to be a bug. However, an answer to the question, ‘Where is the sound list?’ would satisfy me.

Is there someone who can answer that question, ‘Where is the sounds list?’

I ran into this problem about a week ago and have a workaround. Copy the music file that is not opening and give the copy a new name. Place it anywhere in your file directory that is convenient for you. Now open your Impress project and locate the slide where you want the music to play. In the sound section for transitions, browse to the new music file you just created and it should play. This method worked for me. Hopefully the bug will be fixed in the next update.

Yes, Tboneplaya, I worked around it the same way. But, to be polite, it’s not convenient. I have a catalogue of music - hymn tunes in fact - which I copy into a working directory. Each time, I empty the directory and start again. Now when I re-use the music, it doesn’t work. Did you report a bug?

Having same problem… Used the same workaround but now I’m running out of names to rename the files. Why don’t the used files from the list work, or why can’t they be deleted.

I have managed to clean out my back catalogue of transition sounds. I am not certain that it this solution is without undesirable side effects, and I offer it without warranty! I am using LO6.4.1.2 on Linux 18.04.

The list is stored in the user profile gallery (tools-options-libreoffice-paths-gallery), which contains 3 files (sg30.sdg, sg30.sdv, sg30.thm). I made a backup of the gallery folder.

I downloaded replacement versions of these files from skels/direction/.config/libreoffice/4/user/gallery · 4ba40c7f755d257b5702705d562995cf5a258735 · Primtux-SLIS / LCS-primtux · GitLab.

With these replacements, I revert to a clean list of transition sounds (ie containing only the system-wide rubbish, which is stored elsewhere). So far, all works well.