Disable Automatic Updates

Hello Team,
How to disable automatic updates in Libreoffice.
We disabled Online update options, but still the software was updated.
Please help

Please help us to help you; at least tell your operating system and LO version. Do you use some software updating system external to LibreOffice?

Thank you for the reply
OS Version: Windows server 2016 (No server pack)
LO version: 7.4.5

No External updating system

In essence: yes, you do have an external updating system, which you likely don’t know about. LibreOffice itself does not update itself.

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We only have cumulative windows updates. And no external updates(checked with our internal team).
How can Libre office update though?
How can we prevent it from happening

It can’t.
Ask your internal team to do a better job. It should check what programs “help” keeping software up-to-date on your system, taking into account, how you installed LibreOffice (was it installed from an MSI installer downloaded from the official LibreOffice site? or from MS Store (and then MS will be the one who manages its store apps up-to-date, unless you configure it explicitly)? Maybe using winget? or Chocolatey?). Check antiviruses, but also tools like CCleaner, that also have such habit.