Silent auto update to

Hello, how can I completely disable the auto-update feature??

I’ve installed the stable version 7.3.7, which is offered on LO website. But even when I disable the online update or even do not install the online update feature at all, the LO is still completely silently updates itself to latest testing Today morning again, icons on desktop suddenly changes to new ones and… was updated to, again. No dialog, no confimation, no online update feature, nothing - it just happen.

Many thanks for help.


Again… I reinstalled back to 7.3.7, including online update feature. Then I DISABLED the online update feature in the LO’s configuration. And today morning after first start - again, absolutely silently, without any message.

This is frustrating… I can’t belive it’s still happening and there is nothing to do, even everything is disabled. That’s a Windows 10 style… “I will update!! …no matter what you want”.
It’s impossible to use the stable 7.3.7, because it’s always updated to latest testing automatically. Every day I have to reinstall it back to 7.3.7 after auto update.

Please is there some configuration, or some Windows register entry with update URL to be changed to i.e. to avoid auto-updates?

Or any other version which will never autoupdate?

Many thanks.

Again, there is no auto update feature in LO, there is only an automatic check for available updates with notification. If your LO gets automatically updated it’s something else doing it, Windows or whatever functionality.

Did you read the link given by Mike Kaganski to a similar question where it was an anti virus program doing the automatic updates?

Have you checked the settings in your AV or added extras to see if it is doing the updates?

As you never mentioned your OS, linux desktop, type of install ( snap-store, via chocolatey, ainsible rule, portable on windows) or answered to the hints on possible “security systems” to update software on YOUR computer I could answer “my version”.
A crazy work-around: There are possibilities for parallel install. It is likely your (possibly external) update system will only update the regular installed main version, while parallel installs would remain intact/old.
But again: You should find out what program is doing the updates and stop or configure this…

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Install: manual by from .msi, downloaded from LO website

@erAck: thanks, that’s good information that I have to look for any other update service and it’s not done by LO directly (or its online update feature)

Currently I tried to reinstall 7.3.7 to 7.4.6 and seems it’s fine, but currently there is no explanation why.
It’s possible that LO is updated via Windows Update?
The WU can update many things, but it can’t be automatic when installing any kind of software - in this case, the LO must “tell” to WU how to update.

I checked Windows Store, the auto-update is globally disabled here. The Store is a little bit weird, if I try to find “Libre Office”, it can’t find anything, but through the MS website I can:
But LO is paid here, so I think the update via Store is not possible unless buy it.

Can be the LO updated via MS Store?

Many thanks.

No, LibreOffice does not advertise itself to WU in any way.

No, unless you installed it from there (which is paid, as you correctly noted).

Hello, autoupdate problem solved.
It was not the LO directly, bud 3rd party app, like @erAck spoke about.

In our company there is GFI LanGuard software, which distributes software update to stations according some rules and one of them was LibreOffice. The LanGuard completely automatically reinstalls the software to specified (new) version - without any information or notification, silent in background. So after you install the software, you will just come in next hour or day and the software is reinstalled.

This was great example of WASTED TIME… just because some software/networks “standard”, according the rule “the new is always better and we know it better than you”.

Thank you.