Stop LO Updates Win10

For a number of versions now LO has been updating itself even though all options to do so are turned off. Once it updates it refuses to start even in safe mode and requires an Uninstall then reinstall to fix the issue. This last time it updated to from 7.3.5.x. This occurred one day before a “scheduled” win 10 update (which I always postpone as long as possible).
This seems to be a recurring theme and due to it updating itself (which it isn’t supposed to do) a repair is unsuitable (due to the install files not being available from the self update). If I download the latest version that it updated to, a repair still won’t fix the problem, due to the message that the install was interrupted, even though it wasn’t (by me).
I like using LO but it’s becoming annoying reinstalling every month or so.

Since you mention manual download, I suppose you do not use any MS Store offering, nor things like winget. So, it’s a normal MSI from LibreOffice download page, right?

So: LibreOffice has no code to update itself. Even the update checker in it only can notify you and offer to download the package, not to start installation.

But you might have another third-party “helpful” software on your system, updating other programs by itself. The other day, I had a chat with someone on IRC who had such problem because Kaspersky was too helpful.

Here’s a similar service from Norton.

Check if your antivirus is doing that, or some other program.


Wow Mike. I think you have hit the nail on the head.
From what I can see, Kaspersky is being a “helper” but failed to bring it to my attention.
I am certain then that this is what happened despite the settings in LO.
Congrats on the help and speed of reply.
I could not find an answer on the internet that had this solution. Now we have one.
You are a legend!

So, what is the issue then with the failure after the “update”? Is there a workaround other than uninstall/reinstall?

Hard to tell without the details of the failure. If the third-party program tries to install, and fails somehow, it may be the only way. I’d say, try to disable the automatic update (at least of select apps) in Kaspersky if that gives headaches.

Thanks. I have done that since your earlier reply and what you say makes perfect sense.
As it appears to be isolated to this machine and not a common issue we can safely say it is something I should be able to deal with.
Many thanks for your help.

It is guys like you with software like this that keeps me further away from MS rubbish. (yes this is a win10 machine, but limited by other software on this unit).