disable underline for "high" characters

Is there a way to automatically and graphically good un-underline characters that prolong themselves below?

e.g. i want to underline the word “post”, well, “ost” part is normally underlined while the “p” part doesn’t

you can find a graphical example here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22866336/disable-underline-for-lowercase-characters-g-q-p-j-y

I found the second link rather distracting, the first is clear enough.

And those letters are called “descenders”, by the way.

thank you for the tip!

I suppose that there’s no “clean” way to do it that works as you type. But you can use a trick to get that effect once your text is finished: search for [gjpqy], click Other options, tick Regular expressions, click Format, Font effects, select Underline - Single, OK, click Find all, close the dialog bug, Format - Character, turn underline off or press Ctrl+U.

I can’t attach in comments, so I posted it under in the “answer” form

Do not use “underline” from character, but set a border, so that the line is always below the character. For what purpose do you need an “underline”?

I can’t attach in comments, so I posted it under in the “answer” form

these are the results, following your suggestions:

@floris_v, Untitled 1.odt with this procedure I get a result that for my aim is not graphically enough good: the line interrupt itself suddenly and not smoothly…

@Regina, Untitled 2.odt with this procedure (I’m operating on Character → Borders) I have two problems: first, how can I set borders “below” characters and second, the border obtained is too distant from characters, I can’t set a negative value for Spacing to Contents → Bottom

I am aware of that, maybe this feature will be supported in Opentype fonts, but I don’t know anything about them.

Mark the characters to be underlined. Menu Format > Character. Tab Borders. Click the bottom line in the area “user-definied” in the left middle of the dialog. What is the purpose of “underline”? You are aware of http://practicaltypography.com/underlining.html and others?

@Regina, re-read my answer or just see the attachment…