EarnestAl, trying to reply but the forum isn't letting me comment any more

I’m being told I can’t post any more comments on your advice. The forum website is telling me I need to wait 24 hours before I can reply.
Hoping you will see this.
Really wish I could contact you directly …:

This is awful. I need to fix this now so I can keep working on those documents. Your instructions tell me to click a button that isn’t there.

I have edited my answer in LibreOffice Writer suddenly stopped letting me save my docs “insufficient user right to make it slightly clearer, I also added link to AVG. If you still cannot follow the instructions then it would be better to take a break for at least an hour before reading through them slowly and completely again, best to sleep on it

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Changed tag to meta since this question is about the site usage.

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Users are capped to 10 replies within the first 24h after creating their first post.

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Thanks @guilhem
and I think you can avoid it if

  1. answer (solution) boxes are used only if it is a solution.
    Alternatively so comments used.
  2. not write several comments directly after each other, but edit existing comments and thus expand.

Thanks for explaining (grateful newbie).

The How to use the Ask Site page has information on how to use the site, how to edit your question or comment to add details and what you should include in a question. Cheers, Al