Error in exporting to PDF

I updated my system today and both versions 7.1.6 and 7.2.1 have error exporting to PDF. Only some graphics are exported, but no text. Same if I try to “print to PDF”.

By chance, is the Print box unchecked in the Options tab of right-click Properties for the missing images?

The images are not missing, mostly only the text.

You should really provide details, see This is the guide - How to use the Ask site?

A quick search gives a couple of lines of enquiry:

I looked at these, but the solutions didn’t work.

Didn’t work?

lol No, it’s not a solution.

Only some graphics, or all graphics?
This happen with whichever document, or only with a specific one?

Take a look at the guidelines to see if it can be caused by corruption in the user profile.

I don’t think that’s the case, but have you tried to select all in the newly created PDF? Maybe text are in white color.

I meant, you haven’t divulged what operating system, version, and desktop you use. It could be related to the issues you are facing.

Manjaro Linux 21.1.4 with XFCE 4.16.

I made a new document and if I select another font, then it works. So, it must be something with the font I’m using. But, weird that works!

LibreOffice has no built-in support for variable fonts, any partial support is accidental.
Workaround; use standard fonts

Yes… Use standard fonts.

You can mark my first comment as solution. I see you didn’t follow the link to the variable font question which turned out to be the answer.

Currently, as a temporary workaround I use and it’s perfect.