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As an author, I recently made the change from OpenOffice since the Libre branch of OpenOffice has more current updates for Word formats.

For the most part, the two programs are pretty much identical, apparently sharing the same base code, but there is one feature in OpenOffice Writer that is missing for me in LibreOffice Writer.

In OpenOffice, when I am scrolling though the manuscript document, either with the mouse scroll wheel or the scroll bars on the side of the window, the chapter name (Heading 2) after a page break for each chapter is automatically displayed in a floating popup so I know where I am in the document.

LibreOffice apparently does not do this? Or is there a way to turn this feature on, or is there another setting for this in LibreOffice I am not finding?

For such a simple thing, I’m finding it amazing just how much I relied on it.

I have never used OpenOffice. I am not aware of such a function in LibreOffice.


Open the navigator in the sidebar (Ctrl+F5).
There the header paragraph you are currently in is highlighted. The prerequisite is, however, that you place the cursor in this paragraph once.

Tips provide you with the names of toolbar buttons. To display a tip, rest the pointer over a toolbar button until the name of the button appears.

From the Help of the LO 7.5:

Tips are also displayed for some elements in a document, such as chapter names when you scroll through a long document.

Tips are always enabled.


But, it not work for me in my LO 7.5.3. (I never tried to use it before)

It is likely a regression: the tooltips were shown in LO 4.1, but already disappeared in 4.2.

Please file a bug report.


tdf#43650 “UI: Disable the scrollbar tooltip when scrolling with Mouse Wheel”
and its duplicate
tdf#155462 “Scrollbar tooltips”.

See also
What happened to the page number tooltip when scrolling through documents?

Thank you @cwolan! That really helped to unblock the bug report.

That is not a duplicate; I reopened it.
tdf#43650 was about trackpad/mouse wheel, and it was fixed in 4.1; this is about scrollbar, and that was still working in 4.1, and broke in 4.2.

The bug is now fixed in versions 24.2 (current trunk branch), 7.6 beta 2 and 7.5.6 RC1.

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