Footnotes not shown in the same footnote anchor character

in the example file attached i have 2 remarks:
test2.odt (46.7 KB)

1- in the first page there is a number 2 of footnote 2 that should be in the same first page, but it is shown in another page. why is this happening? and how to fix it?

2- the first footnote direction is left to right while the second one is right to left, while they both have the same style and the option of that style is: supoerordinate…, why is this happening?

LO: Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 420(Build:2)
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 6.9; UI render: default; VCL: kf6 (cairo+wayland)
Locale: ar-DZ (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded
OS: Manjaro

Point 1:
Does not happen here (but your chosen font is not installed on my computer). When the anchor is too close to bottom of page so that there is no room for at least one lineful of note, lines of text are flushed to next page to keep anchor and note in the same. Number of flushed lined is controlled by widow and orphan parameters in paragraph style.

Point 2:
You added direct formatting to “fix” note 1.

I have little experience with multi-script documents (because I don’t practice theses languages). It looks like it is very complex and probably still experimental.

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1- " lines of text are flushed to next page to keep anchor and note in the same" this is not happening with the example file i have attached. i have edited it to noto font
test2.odt (47.9 KB)

2- “You added direct formatting”
how did you know that there is a direct formatting? i tried: ctrl+m to deleted direct formatting and the text still LTR.

Direct formatting has many facets. Only a few of them can be cleared by Ctrl+M, mainly those related to typographical attributes and paragraph geometry. To make it short, it cancels the effect of toolbar buttons (except those related to lists) and ruler actions. All others (text flow, page settings, “subtle technical” parameters, … aren’t.

A good way to discover direct formatting is to use the side Style Inspector but, again, some very technical parameters are not reported.

In this case I compared what was in the Footnote paragraph style and what was displayed by Format>Paragraph.

Regarding your test file, it displays as expected here with note 2 anchor and beginning of text on same page. Note 2 being large, last line is on page 2. This is normal behaviour.
The only I found to trigger the anomaly is to enable *Do not split paragraph*. In this case, the whole note is sent on page 2 and you get two note 2. This may look weird but I think it is consistent with per-page note numbering. The number is allocated during main text area layout. When Writer inserts the note at bottom of page, it discovers that the blocked note will not fit. The block is postponed. New text is added to main area to fill it. Then a new page is started and note number is reset. However, Writer does not take into account that number 2 is already used by the deferred note. I don't know how this case is handled in traditional typography.
Check this setting in your paragraphs (direct formatting?). It is not set in the attached sample file and the behaviour is "standard".
If for some reason it still happens in your copy, switch to chapter note numbering to mitigate the issue.

thank you. i did not notice that before, it is very helpful.

and by the way, how to delete this direct formatting

you advised me before to copy my old .docx file to en empty odt file as unformatted. but that copy option doesn’t copy the footnotes.

In Tools > Footnote/Endnote Settings you can add a continuation notice to show the page where the footnote is continued and also the page it comes from

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thank you, but i did not understand all what you say.
even i change “Do not split paragraph” setting i get the same result.
this problem is really annoying when i have lot of footnotes

my problem in that example is:
the first page has 2 footnotes, those 2 footnotes should be shown in the same page, but what happening is just 1 of theme is showing and the other one is in the other page:

and this is the second page:

Another reference [1] this anchor is in page 2 but its footnote is in page 3

normally: if the space left in the footnote area does not fit the footnote text: the footnote anchor should be in the second page, or: the footnote text if split between two pages but starts in the first one. and this is not happening.
how to fix this?