For calc-transform blocks of cell data

I’m not sure how to phrase this so maybe this example will suffice. I have a long column containing sets of data and I need to transform each set of three values so they are in adjacent columns rather that in adjacent rows. Also each data set is separated by a blank row. All the methods I’ve tried either don’t work or are very cumbersome requiring a lot of time because the spreadsheet has data for more than 2000 individuals.

I hope to transform this:
image description
into this
image description

Sample data ods attached.

This is data from my FB group. If there is a better way to get the data from FB other than manually copying and pasting all of the member info from the FB page I would love to hear it.

Thank you for any ideas how to do this.

data sample.ods

See attached.

(By the way: What is FB? Another template of self-help groups?)


have a look @ the Matrix-formulas in Column E, F and G: