Getting Rid of Import Options Box When Pasting in Calc

Whenever I paste in Calc, I get a pop-up box called “Import Options” to “Select the language to use for import”.

Is there anyway to set these options permanently or remove this box from popping up each and every time?

Keeping happening, even if I have updated.

Running Kubuntu 14.04 and Version: of LibreOffice

Nothing new under the sun…

  • Jun 17 '13 (BUG report 65872; LO-; NOT “most annoying bug” enough to fix)
  • Jun 4 '14 (LO-?.?; no answer given)
  • Jul 13 '14 (LO-3.5; no acceptable answer given)

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Still happening in Version:
Build ID: 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
But found the solution in another post on here - Press F2 or double click on cell to see cursor before pasting. (I know another key to press etc -but for me at least this is easier than the annoying popup)