Have squares as background (just like a notebook with uhm squares))

Hi! My aim is to replace Visio with Draw. In Visio, a new sheet comes with Squares (at least for me), just like an old time notebook. It is not an image but like a squared paper with 5 mm squares.

In Draw you get dotted lines in Squares. How to I change this to lines and preferrably smaller too? - I cannot find the setting and searching the internet gives to many “false positives”.

Version:, Windows 10.

Thanks for taking time!

For grid density: see Options-LibreOffice Draw-Grid.

For grid lines style: No way AFAICT.

Now that I’ve been working with it for a couple of hours, this is actually much better for my purposes than Visio. I’m relieved and happy.

Thank you for quick answer. I will use that and see if I can create a template with the grid lines style I need.

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The dotted lines aren’t actually lines but composed of minimal crosses (+ 3 x 3 pix) for the main grid points and minimal dots (single pix) for the subdivision. With low zoom factor and high number of subdivisions this gives the impression of crossing lines. I cannot find a setting concerningb this even under ‘Expert Configuration’. Also no color property for Draw grid.

The main purpose of that grid is (imo) to support the ‘Snap to Grid’ functionality in the view. Spinning the number of subdivisions too hig will spoil snapping. The number must mach the actual needs.

To get a square the appropriate way is (imo) to add a dedicated layer and lock it. You then can choose as needed any combination of ‘Visible’ and ‘Print’. I made an example template from another template for this thread. It is attached here.