How can I remove unused currencies?

I only use €, £ and $, but when I click the “format a currency” dropdown in the toolbar, there are many, many options, so finding one of the three I actually use is difficult. If there a way to remove currencies from this list, or pin the ones I use regularly to the top please?

BTW I did search to see if this had been asked before, but only found a post from two years ago that was closed without an answer: so, at the moment, I’m assuming there isn’t a way to do this, so how do I make a request for this functionality please?

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Use styles/cell styles instead of direct formatting, one for each currency.
Right-click on the Default cell style in the sidebar (Ctrl+F5) and select NEW.
Assign a name in the dialog, e.g. “$-Dollar”. In the “Numbers” tab, enter the desired currency.
Select the cell you want to format.
Double-click the new cell style.

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Thank you for responding to my question. The use of styles does seem to be option, though it seems a little cumbersome to have to open the side bar every time, when there’s a “format currency” dropdown already on my toolbar. I’m guessing that, as you’re offering a workaround (although, granted, a powerful one), I can’t edit the list of currencies?

For example, you can use the sidebar

  • leave it open
  • undock
  • make it smaller
  • set the preview to “user templates” at the bottom

If you already have formatted cells, you can work with the “Transfer format - brush”.

I can’t edit the list of currencies?


You can create a style like @Hrbrgr explained, and then you can assign the style to a keystroke that isn’t being used. A lot of Alt and Ctrl-Alt keystrokes in particular are available. Editing the keyboard can seem a bit tedious, but I’ve found that once that’s done, the keystrokes become like second nature in no time and have saved me a ton of work. I certainly see how opening the sideboard to distribute three different currency symbols could get old. So maybe this can help?

Simply don’t use any currency symbols at all. Put them in separate cells or put them in a column label above a column of numbers with 2 decimal digits after the point.
If you want to use number formats with currency symbols, then you should do so by means of cell styles. Styles are the key to Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw. You can’t master this office suite (Writer in particular) without utilizing the concept of styles.

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