How can I send documents through email from LibreOffice?

I need to know how I can use LibreOffice to send my documents through email.

File|Send → Document as E-mail (or as OpenDocument attachment or MS Office attachment or as PDF attachment) will open your mail-client (if it is supported[1]).

In Windows, the application must be configured as default MAPI application.

On Linux, you need to configure it in Tools|Options → Internet → E-Mail

To send mail-merge documents via email, you need to setup a smtp server in Tools|Options → LibreOffice Writer → Mail Merge E-Mail

Mail merges via email are sent out by LibreOffice directly, and not via your email-program.

[1] If it is not supported, and reasonably wide-spread, then feel free to file a feature request. You can have a look at the known programs for linux in /opt/libreoffice3.5/program/senddoc

what does it mean “in Windows, the application must be configured as default MAPI application”. Which application are you talking about? Using Windows 8 here–wife’s computer; mine uses TB and works fine. I have set all the deafults as best as I understand them…Gene

hi - i am using pegasus mail. it is set as default mapi application. but still no joy. where is the information on which email progs are supported by libreoffice?

working with win 7 prof 64bit


well - on windows any mapi compliant one should work. for non-windows:

google search brings up this: it doesn’t use mapi, so it might work for you.

Expanding on cloph’s excellent answer, my notes on LO’s send as email function are: