How do I completely reset a Writer's document headers?

I have a document that I am re-editing that needs to have all of the headers redone. I cannot seem to delete the old headers (they are marked ‘convert’), and need to reset the headers only for the entire document.

Can any one point me to the correct way to do this? I am on a deadline and need to create a publishable document ASAP.

Thank you,

Steve F.

With that little information on your problem an answer is more guessing work than effective help.

To provide an effective answer more information is needed. Please have a look at What information should I include in a question in addition to OS and LibreOffice version? - #4 by ROSt53

However, maybe this link could could give you some help: Is there a way to change the font in the headers of many different sections of an odt document at the same time