How do I fix the "Personal Settings Locked" message

Running Windows 10. LibreOffice 5.2.

When trying to open LibreOffice, Calc, Writer, etc, I get the following error message:

"Either another instance of LibreOffice is accessing your personal settings or your personal settings are locked.
Simultaneous access can lead to inconsistencies in your personal settings. Before continuing, you should make sure user ‘JOHN-VAIO/JOHN’ closes LibreOffice on host ‘JOHN-VAIO’.

Do you really want to continue? Yes-No"

There is no other instance of LibreOffice running. Task Manager doesn’t show anything. I’ve re-booted several times, The message still appears.

I’m tempted to just say Yes and deal with the consequences.

Any guidance?
John L

I’d guess that at some stage either your box has closed unexpectedly or perhaps hibernated, whilst LO is open and left a lock file lying around.

Option 1 - just say Yes :slight_smile: If you are the only user this should get rid of the message without issues.

Option 2 - close LO, and delete the lock file. It will be named .lock and can be found at the top level of your user profile. You’ll need to turn on display of hidden files to see it in your file manager.

Copy and paste %appdata%\OpenOffice\4 in the File Explorer Address Bar (not the search engine) to go to the user profile.

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Found the .lock file in “LibreOffice/4” In AppData/Roaming,

Thanks. All is well…
John L

I can see the same error message in current LibreOffice 7.0.1 on terminal server when more than one user logs in to the remote desktop. So it makes the use of LibreOffice on Remote desktop practically impossible. Haven’t seen such error on any app installed in Terminal server. Can there be some configuration which tells LibreOffice that it is a shared computer and so that more users can access it at a time?