How do I get LibreOffice Impress to play embedded videos?

I frequently have to work with presentations including embedded videos. The other people working on these use Microsoft Power Point. When I open the presentations on Windows computers with Microsoft software, the video seems to play, no problem. However, I run Ubuntu and work only with Libre Office Impress which for reason(s) that I do not know doesn’t play any of the said videos.
I’ve tried working with a variety of machines (mainly Linuxes and Windows) and seem to run into problems only with Libre Office Impress. Help?

P.S. I’m not very tech savvy, so a simple fix would be nice.

I don’t think there is any simple fix to this issue. What will play is platform-dependent as LO does not provide the encoding / decoding (codec) software. Refer this post for which external components are required and you may need to download and install the particular codec used in the video on a different platform. This thread on how to embed a video in a presentation may also be useful.