How do I install when I encounter an Error 1303 code?

I am trying to install LibreOffice 4.2.4 on a new computer which runs Win 8.0. When I attempt to install, it prevents me from completing the installation and informs me that I cannot install because I am not an administrator. I am the only one who is on this computer and my user account is set up as an administrator. How do I overcome this?

When encountering this error, I shut the computer down and then restarted it. I was then able to complete the installation successfully.

Looks like a bug in W8?

See also: Tagged “error-1303”.

Same bug in W7. Solution worked fine : restart, reinstall.

This doesn’t do anything on Windows 7, though. However, this does: Error 1303 - install won't complete, Win7, admin user

I had the same problem when attempting to install on my Win 8.1 machine. Following the previous suggestion (thanks!) I rebooted and the install ran successfully to completion.