How do I log in

I dont know what you want for my Open Office ID or password

It would be more helpful if Ask LibreOffice allow to create a userid and login page like other web pages. No where the information for how to log in to ask a question is not given!!!

if you managed to post a question, you did successfully sign in already.

When using google’s openID for example, it is enough to be logged in to gmail (or youtube or whatever other google service) and to accept the question on the askbot-login page whether it is OK to log-in/share the email-address with the askbot site.

You won’t be asked for a password in that case. Only when you’re not already logged in to some google service you have to authenticate with google (where you would use your google-account password).

LibreOffice itself doesn’t require any password or login, neither to download nor to use it. So if that doesn’t answer your question, please be more specific about when you’re asked for a password/login. You can upload a screenshot to or some other image hosting site if necessary.

@socarco, also refer these questions: Registering for AskLO, Registration at AskLO after OpenID stops, and Can I post anonymously?