How I can copy text into a LO document?

I have for a long time wanted to pay a donation to LibreOffice, but I WILL NOT GIVE A DIME before someone can tell me how I can copy text into a LO document?
Is it really so unprofessional that this is not possible?

Of course it is possible. But we can not guess: why YOU can not copy some text into a LO document.


Never paste preformatted text from a foreign source into your LO documents. It will paste some unwanted and unknown or incompatible formatting properties. Use the Paste Special - Unformatted text option.
And use the native ODF file formats.

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You can donate the Developers. But we are (mostly) Users like you are - in this “Forum”. There is not official support for the Community version of the LibreOffice.
Users help Users on this, and on some similar sites.

Business users can buy professional support if they want it.

And Shift + Ctrl + Alt + V to paste unformatted text.

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Keep your money, but learn how to ask “a good question”. You used the tag “impress” so “a LO document” is a slide in impress? Or do you have problems to paste in all parts of LO ? Tried writer ?
We have seen here questions by people where additional clipboard-managers interfered with the regular use. So check if this can be a problem in your case.
It is also a good idea to name your OS/linux distribution/desktop and if you are using special installs like portable apps/snap/appimage. In some environments the ability to exchange data has to be activated first for security reasons (but I doubt you are on qubesOS)
PS: Be careful, what you ask for. In my “professional” mode I’m paid for my time. And you ask for answers to YOUR problem. Most people have no general problem with copy/paste in LibreOffice.


What do you mean with “native ODF file formats.”?

ODF=Open Document Format. The native format used by LibreOffice.

I, for one, have never had a problem copying and pasting text into LO documents. But, as already pointed out clearly, never do a simple paste from documents in “foreign” formats. Always use Paste Special.

Highlight the desired text, then use Menu Edit → Copy.
Go to your LO document, place the cursor, then use Menu Edit → Paste Special → Paste Unformated Text.
It has never failed for me.
And, Yes, always save your work in LO native formats.