How to change default font for ALT-CTRL-C comments?

I have seen a couple of threads about custom BG colours for the ALT-CTRL-C commenting facility in LO Writer. I have not found any guidance on how to change the font, though.

I have checked all the Styles and Formatting categories, and can’t find “comments”, nor can I work out what the “style” in question might be. I’m on Lubuntu (at the moment) and LO Writer is picking up the “Ubuntu” font – which is not one I have set in my Styles! I’m using LO v.

Update: I notice when the cursor is in the comment box, that the “Styles” dropdown on the toolbar gets greyed-out. I suppose this means that “styles” are not active for comment boxes? My question remains!

Is this a systems-level issue, then? or am I just looking in the wrong place? Any help (even to say it can’t be done!) is appreciated. Thanks!

@dajare(with regard to your update):

Yes, styles are not available (greyed-out) – details in OOo-Bug 109773 (see my answer).

There’s a request for enhancement:

Bug 37130 - Insert - Comment uses default system font instead of default Writer font.

See also: OOo-Bug 109773 - [Notes2] Cannot change default style of a comment (font, size, …)

@manj_k - thanks! At least now I know. Good to see that enhancement request, though disappointing to see how long it has been known and (if I am reading the entry correctly) still unassigned? It is “open”, I hope! Thanks again.

Refer my answer here: Change Font in Comments (Writer 4.1.04) - #2 by oweng about a related font issue with comments.

FIx now committed. Hurrah! :slight_smile:

So where is the answer to the question “How to change default font for ALT-CTRL-C comments?”?

@dajare and @manj_k - good question and good answer. Thanks.