how to change default selected cell color

This question - How to change selected cell color - was asked and appeared to have been badly answered at The answer seemed to incorrectly intrepret the question to mean how to apply a background color to a cell or cells.

Please answer the question: How to change the default selected cell color? The reason this is needed is because the default cell color in my Libreoffice 3.6 in Linux Mint 13 is a pale yellow which does not sufficiently stand out. Same in Libreoffice Writer: selection of text and table cells is this pale yellow.

Appreciate knowing how to change this. Please answer even if above average computer literacy is required to apply the solution.

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NOT PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED. Current cell indicator ring is black. If document color is changed to a dark color (see Tools → Options → Application Colors → Document Background), the selection ring becomes invisible (does overlay cell separators). A black document background with Automatic font color is easy on the eyes and prints black on white.

Checking Tools → Options → Accessibility → Automatically detect high contrast mode of operating system causes the current cell indicator to be white.