How to make text flow over a full page frame

I am trying to create a document (a book) where every second page is a full page frame (to hold a photo). The frame forces a new paragraph to a new page. However if I make the frame a little shorter (less vertical) the text flows smoothly into the space above or below the frame. With a full page frame a new paragraph (hitting Enter) jumps to the following page, leaving lots of white space on the previous page. This seems to happen regardless of what Wrap option I choose for the frame.

Edit your question to explain what you do: there is no frame property to force a page break.

If the question is about location and size of the frame, this can be solved with a paragraph style for the anchor paragraph and a frame style.

if the question is about the waste of space due to the lack of “floating frames” or “page-associated frames” (by default of a better expression for frames constrained every other page), I’m afraid that Writer is not the right tool for this kind of book. An application like FOSS Scribus or commercial Quark XPress would be better fir for this task.

Don’t forget to mention your OS name and LO version.