How to select multiple ranges for conditional formatting?

for example how to apply the same rule to all values combined in A1:A3 & B6:B8

…values combined in A1:A3 & B6:B8

IMHO this is not possible.
Since the areas are not contiguous, two conditions must also be created.
See sample file:
HB_01 How to select multiple ranges+++ 74578.ods (8,7 KB)

If you define the range contiguously, A1:B8, it also works with one condition.

See comment from @sokol92

Why not?
HB_01 How to select multiple ranges+++ 74578_2.ods (9.7 KB)

See Menu Format / Conditional / Manage…

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I had tried that, but it had failed. Maybe a typo from me?
Thank you for your help and that you put it right.

Colleague, when entering a range address, the entered characters appear as erroneous until the range address takes the correct syntax form. It also bothers me from time to time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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