I need a Light Novel Japanese Furigana format

EDIT @Hrbrgr :

So recently, I tried asking people here how to get my Furigana format to look like this
But I was not able to achieve it. I would love to show you what I was able to achieve but I can’t post more than 1 media file since new users are not allowed to.
So I asked people how to make it look like the the one in the picture but they asked me to post the file but I couldn’t since it was too big and this site only allows 4mb files at most. Not only that, I couldn’t edit my previous post or comment on it for some reason. What should I do?

Thank you, Hrbrgr for connecting it to the previous post.

As I requested in the other question, create a 1-page sample .odt file corresponding to the image. I can’t read Japanese, even less type it but I can patch and tweak any sample file.

New OpenDocument Text.odt (13.6 KB)

By default, furigana which is a form of rubi text is controlled by character style Rubies as you know. Customising Rubies allows to change the font size among other things.

Coarse position of rubi is controlled by Format>Asian Phonetic Guide. Unfortunately I found no way to set the distance from the main character (and I don’t understand alignment modes “1 2 1” and “0 1 0”). This distance is hard coded.

If this is the parameter you want to change, you should file a feature request on Bugzilla explaining clearly what you expect with an example file (the current one is OK). If you can’t do it and still hope for this enhancement, tell me in a comment below with an explicit description of your expectation.

Thank you very much for your time.