Importing bulk images into base?

I have folders with png images sorted only by image name, i.e., cola.png.
I have a Filemaker and Excel file of the image names with descriptions. Filemaker Pro will cost me too much to upgrade to a current version and v12 is now crashing on the Mac. What I would like to do is import all the images in the folders (either 1 folder at a time or multiple) into LO base. However I cannot find a way to import images at all in bulk. It would be too laborious to do this manually.
FWIW, I can’t even import Filemaker db’s cause LOB just goes into an endless beachball of death stall. I don’t see an import option anywhere and opening the file from the dialog causes a stall.

Any help appreciated. And if LOB can’t do it, just let me know. I’ll have to try something else.

You have one answer, which is good if you don’t have a need to actually have the data in a single file.
If you do then you can do this with Base, but you need to use a script (written in Basic or Python or …) to automate the task. So if that is what you need to do drop a return comment.


You have not stated what database you are attempting to use here. If it is the default HSQLDB embedded, then storing the actual images is not recommended. It is better to store a link to the file (see this post → How to insert a link to an odb database to display an image.

Now if you have the information in a Calc spreadsheet, you can copy & paste to either create a new table in Base or append to an existing table. For this see → how to convert a ods spreadsheet to and odb table.