Impress text box not showing in Powerpoint

I’ve created slide shows using Libreoffice Impress in Linux. When playing the slide shows using the client’s computer (Windows or Mac) with Powerpoint, some of the text boxes don’t show up. The boxes that do show overlap either the photos or the slide boundaries but I don’t know if this is relevant. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Presentations are tricky. Some presenters take their own laptops as even different versions of the same software can display differently. I know that PowerPoint 2010 is more prone to changing objects than PowerPoint 2019

If you don’t have fancy transitions then you could export to pdf. Adobe reader does a passable job as presentation software in full screen mode, it even responds to the clicker. It is probably already installed on the presentation computer.

Another option would be to have a portable version of LibreOffice on a memory stick along with the presentation so the software is controlled but that doesn’t work for Mac.