Is licensing required for isolated usage within an organization?

I am writing to find out whether or not special licensing needs to be obtained for use of this program on several computers at a single facility within a large organization. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Short answer: You don’t need to pay anything to use LibreOffice. You can use LibreOffice for any kind of use even commercial for free of charge.

Long answer (see endolith’s answer): Can i sell software that uses Libre Office

But if you gonna migrate from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice specially in large organization, don’t do it blindly, because you have a good chance to fail. Recommendations for large organizations (official white paper) - READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY:

Also a good migration sources to read:

There are large organizations that migrated successfully like German city Munich: and Italian Umbria: and Denmark Copenhagen: and French government: BUT BUT BUT there are also the ones with big fail (specially because migration was not taken serious enough) like German city Freiburg:

The whole point is in large organizations PLEASE DO NOT! migrate without preparing yourself.

A short look at will give you the answer that there is no license needed.

Have fun with LibO!