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I have used LibreOffice for several years for my private needs, but always MS Office at the job. I am now contemplating switching to LibreOffice for work as well. I work in the legal profession and need to create legal outline numbering as e.g. mentioned in this earlier question: 292807/legal-numbering

I know how to make that work. What I can’t seem to figure out is just one small but important variant of the legal numbering. I am trying to make this work:

(1. Heading 1)

(1.1 Paragraph)

(1.2 Paragraph)

(2. Heading 1)

(2.1 Heading 2)

(2.1.1 Paragraph)

(2.2 Paragraph)

(The paranthesis in the above example have no meaning. I just inserted them for better readibility, because otherwise several items was automatically put in one line.)

The difference to the linked earlier question is only, that I would like Heading 2 at the same numbering level as paragraphs under Heading 1. I assumed that I could achieve this by tying both a heading style and a paragraph style to the same outline level. I am however not sure that can be done. Further, even though paragraphs under Heading 1 and Heading 2 itself have the same level, I would like to only have actual headings (including Heading 2) in the TOC.

This is sadly trivial for an experienced user in MS Office. Can it be done in LibreOffice?

See the attached example:

(inline display fixed by ajlittoz)

Not quite. I have added an example as an image to the question.

My proposal would be to use list styles without the Chapter numbering feature, in combination with an index built on additional styles and not the outline.

The list style would be configured with the standard numbering scheme. Then one set of paragraph styles for fake headings with both the list style and the outline level (the latter set to the proper level) and one set of paragraph styles with the very same configuration for standard paragraph with numbering but not headings. The difference being that in the index option, you add the Fake headings entries for their appropriate level.

See attachment. Only 2 levels made, I guess you got the idea.

You can improve on @Hagar_Delest’s solution, keeping the usual Heading n family for your outline and Text Body for text.

  • Disable Tools>Chapter Numbering by assigning Paragraph style [None] to all levels.

  • Customize Heading n Outline & Numbering, giving them Outline level n and Numbering style Numbering 123

    Caution! Numbering 123 can no longer be used for numbered lists otherwise you create a real mess.

  • Customize Text Body Outline & Numbering, keeping it at Outline level Body Text and assigning Numbering Style Numbering 123

    Note that all styles derived from Text Body also receive these changed attributes so that you can use them (numbered) without the need to manually modify them.

No need to modify TOC default settings.

Using this is a bit tricky because list styles do not automatically format the number to the level implied by Outline level. You must manually set the level.

When typing a heading (Heading n), at the very start of the heading, press Tab n-1 times.

Similarly, when typing a non-heading paragraph, press Tab n-1 times to promote the paragraph to the required level.

To demote a paragraph (or heading after changing its paragraph style), put the cursor at head and press Shift+Tab.

For unnumbered paragraphs, type Backspace at head of paragraph.

Tip: once you have configured a (blank) document, save it as a template for future use.

See this example file: LegalNumbering.odt

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