LibreOffice 7.1 fails to open

Downloaded LibreOffice and it fails to open. Safe Mode working satisfactorily. Tried all troubleshooting options but it still fails to open in Normal Mode. Help.

Safe Mode working satisfactorily.

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Safe Mode

LibreOffice user profile

Please read everything well first. Thank you very much.

Good luck!

There is a german thread on the same version, and @erAck hinted at 2 bug-reports:

So it may also be a skia-related bug.

This would give three solutions or work-arounds:

Going back to 7.1.5, where this errors don’t show
Switching of Skia, but sadly there is no switch in 7.1.6, so you can either downgrade, switch of skia as in tdf#144434 at scenario 3 or try to switch off skia like MikeKaganski suggested in comment 2 of tdf#144598:

Third option would be to wait for version 7.1.7 / 7.2.2 / 7.3.0 where tdf#144598 shall be fixed.

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7.1.6 fails to open as above (safe mode does open). But opens successfully & as far as I can see works OK. (I get a warning 1946… when trying to install both 7.1.6 and