libreoffice writer ctrl-x malfunctioning #hyperlink

Plz refer to my previous question regarding ctrl-x malfunction in libreoffice with arch linux (installed a few days ago) - GNOME.

Now I found another weird function of cut & paste in Writer.

I’m really afraid if I hadn’t noticed this malfunction even for the last few days since I installed libreoffice on my pc.

When I cut and paste blocks of paragraphs and pasted them again, I noticed all of the hyperlinks as parts of the paragraphs disappeared! Fortunately it was not too late to commit ctrl-z x many times to return the disaster.

What did they do to Libreoffice 6???

I think I still have to go back to libreoffice 5 again as used to do as always… :frowning:

Please provide the bug # that describes the bug to developers in bug tracker. Thanks!

I know this is not anything to do with “clear” method since I already combined it to ctrl-m, so it can’t be pushed by mistake or anything. And I’ve used Libreoffice Writer for the same job for more than 5 years. Although ctrl-m(clear) is pushed, it doesn’t only strip off the hyperlinks but also initiates indentations, but this time indentations were not affected.
Moreover, I also combined the special pasting with ctrl-shift-v. This can’t be pushed by mistake as well.

If your Ctrl+M heavily affects your formatting, you are not using styles as they should. Please describe how you format your document, e.g. Ctrl+I instead of character style Emphasis.

@ajittoz Of course ctrl+m doesn’t affect indentation if it’s carefully limited by selecting a certain part of the paragraph. But it affects if selected across the multiple paragraphs or a single entire paragraph.

Then definitely you aren’t using styles the way it is intended. Properly styling a document should render yourself immune against this hindrances. By styling, I mean using/customising paragraph and character styles at least. Page and frames are a bonus. Beware of lists, this is the most difficult part.

Just wanted to say that, while I agree with @ajlittoz that proper styling would be useful, I still agree that what you describe is a bug, and - again - ask you to mention the number of the bug that you filed to bug tracker to notify developers about it (since AskLibO is just a site where users talk to users, which doesn’t make resolution of any bug any closer).