libreoffice writer ctrl-x malfunctioning

arch linux (installed a few days ago) - GNOME

libreoffice ver: build 6.2.7-3

imagine that I cut a string ‘example1’ and cut another string ‘example2’. It means example2 obviously disappears from the documents and if I paste it it should print ‘example2’ in the current cursor position but prints ‘example1’.

Not always.

once in tens of cut-pastes?

I’ve been using libreoffice for more than 5 years, I used to stay in version 5.x to avoid 6.x’s SUDDEN CPU BOOSTING problem. A few days ago I bought new laptop and installed the latest version 6.x on arch linux. It seems that no problem with CPU this time, but I found this problem instead.

As I’m dealing with very important time-based strings in libreoffice writer, this kind of problem can lead to the serious problem. I don’t think this happens in other apps in arch linux as I’ve used for a few days.

Why duplicate your own

@Mike2 I forgot to delete it. Thanks.

Most Linux desktop manager have a “smart” clipboard capable of holding a bunch of recently copied items. This clipboard even survives sessions and reboots. You may have hit key combinations meaningful for entry management, such as making the one-before-last active, though I have no idea about those key shortcuts.

@ajlittoz For the last several years I’ve used GNOME desktop environment over Fedora and now I still use GNOME over Arch Linux. I don’t think i’ve mis-typed or there’s any further hidden shortcut combination for the special clipboard functions.

@suspiciouslibreoffice: using KDE with its “smart” clipboard. I just made some experiments for another question and monitored the clipboard. Apparently, some operations (which ones? I didn’t watch closely) interact with the clipboard on their own: while I write this comment, I found the last clipped piece not related at all with what I did, though it is a sequence from my test Writer file. I was playing with the clone tool; maybe its internal operation is copy-paste based without explicit user request, perhaps also drag-n-drop.

@ajittoz I found further more funny bugs in regard with cut-paste. Plz chk my other posts.