LibreOffice Writer Mail Merge ignores one entry between pages


I recently started using LibreOffice Writer and I have a template which I fill with data from ods file using Mail Merge function.
Before I print I always click Edit Individual Documents and then print.
And the problem is that for some weird reason it ignore one row after completing page.
So if I have numbers 1-200 and I can fit 10 numbers per page it would generate first page with 2-11, and the second page would be 13-22, third 24-33, fourth 35-44 and so on.

Here are the files:
test.odt (27.5 KB)
test_database.ods (13.7 KB)

Anyone knows why this is happening, and how to fix it?
Thanks for any help!

Follow @PKG’s advice and create labels not tables.

How do you do that exactly? I don’t see how can you achieve that using LibreOffice 7.3 (which is indicated inside your files as authoring software).

When I press Print button, I get a “Your document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form letter?” dialog, and then if I select Yes, I can select to save individual documents, but not edit them.


And the end result would be - repeated 1s in the first document; repeated 2s in the second, and so on.

Note that your document has Next record fields at the end of each table cell. In labels, that causes advancement to the next record; but note that “next record” would also happen in every new mail merge document automatically, which means that the last Next record field together with automatic next record between two documents would theoretically result in a skipped record.

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@nonono does this from the toolbar Mail Merge
2022-08-01 13 32 48

Thanks @PKG; somehow I assumed that “click Edit Individual Documents and then print” meant something done in the same dialog, but now, re-reading it, I see how one can click that button, and then print the resulting documents one by one…

Still, the function gives repeating numbers on each page for me, not giving 1-6 in first one, then 8-13 on the second…

I have tested Labels and they still make page breaks.