Linking checkboxes to another checkbox to change it's value

i am working on making a work procedure that involves ticking checkboxes when their requirements in the concerned project are met, on the picture below, for example once all requirements are met, i want the checkbox at the top (we’ll call it motherbox) to automatically check itself to show that the whole section has been checked.

image description

so far i have tried making a macro that would trigger everytime a checkbox is checked, reads it and returns whether or not the motherbox should be checked. however i cannot see how to make such a sheet event.

any solution to this will be apreciated.

Please tell me, are the values of all your checkboxes bound to the corresponding cells? I mean, is there Linked Cell listed in the properties of each of them on the Data tab? In this case, the solution is very simple - in the cell to which the “motherbox” is linked, write a formula like as


i just tried it, i linked each checkboxes to their corresponding cell, the motherbox is in cell O2, i tested with cells O3 to O7 and typed in cell O2 the formula:


it doesn’t work at the moment, am i supposed to include cell O2 in the formula?

Sorry, don’t use T() function - it was typo. Just =COUNT($O$3:$O$7)=COUNTIF($O$3:$O$7;TRUE)

it doesn’t seem to be working, when linking a checkbox to a cell i simply put the cell designation (O2,O3…) and as for the formula i simply wrote in the motherboxe’s cell

The formula given in the comment should work satisfactorily. You just need to make sure that the user does not unintentionally destroy it, replace it with the usual TRUE or FALSE value. The usual protection of the sheet and bringing the control to the Disabled state should be sufficient. Also, for a large number of checkboxes, you can use this trick (you were going to use a macro anyway, right?)


with a few changes, i managed to get the desired result, thanks for the huge help