List paragraph numbering with leading zeros

Is it possible to define a list paragraph numbering format that has leading zeros?

In particular, patent applications need to be drafted with numbered paragraphs in square brackets with leading zeros such as [0001] .

To use numbered paragraphs with brackets and leading zeros: (1) go to the paragraph you wish to number, (2) type an opening bracket, (3) select Insert->Field->More Fields->Variables Tab->Insert Formula, (4) under the “Formula” field enter PN=PN+1, (5) under “Format,” select “Additional Formats”, (6) select Number, format -1235, and set leading zeros to 4, (7) select the insert button, (8) type the closing bracket. (You only have to do these steps one time) For the first paragraph you’ve done this for, you should see [0001]. Select the [0001] using your mouse, and select “Copy.” Now you can paste that at the front of each paragraph. As you move the paragraphs around, they will renumber properly if you select that text together with the paragraph when you cut and paste.

Very good, indeed!

Ich habe jetzt mal verschiedene Varianten des obigen Vorgehens ausprobiert und scheitere immer irgendwie. Zum Ersten versetzt LO beim Einfügen immer irgendwie die Tabulatoren, sodaß die Ziffern übereinander “gestapelt” und quasi “unter” dem Nachbarfeld “versteckt” werden. Man sieht sie nicht, aber es macht die Zeile “drei Zeilen hoch”. Ein Lösungsansatz wäre mMn eine Formel, in der “relative” Feldbezüge (wie in LibreOffice Calc als Standard quasi ohne “$”)möglich sind. Dann würde das Ding mit der"Copy-and-Paste"-Methode funktionieren (aber nur, wenn ich JEDE Zeile nummerieren will; eine möglichkeit des “Eine Zeile nicht nummerieren” kann einen so dann wieder zur Verzweiflung bringen;vor allem, wenn man dann mehrere nummerierte und nicht-nummerierte Zeilen im Block verschieben will). Da ist dann die Methode mit der “F12-Taste” angenehmer.

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No, there is no formatting code for list numbers like you would find in Calc.

This question has already been asked here and the answer offered an ugly workaround, but I can’t find it back. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

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Thank you for your answer.

It is the only feature keeping me (and at least a few other patent drafters) from switching and donating.

Implemented in upcoming version 7.0.

Good idea?
Cannot history and compatibilty issues be overcome, and issues like the discussed one be solved by delegating the numbering of paragraphs and table rows to TextField objects like it is done for page numbering?
It would enhance internal consistency, imo. Are ODF standards prohibitive insofar?
(I dislike to think of LibO as a growing heap of crutches.)