LO on Mac OS and Java?

MacOS 10.13.6,
Java 1.8.0_171

I was trying to install the Zotero plugin and ran into the “Could not create Java Implementation Loader” error. Once more tried to tell LO where Java lives on Mac, but since the Add button opens a screen that does not allow hidden folders (Smart Programming!) I got nowhere with that.

Performed some web-searching, did some web-reading and got nowhere with that either…

What is the current status of LO on MacOS and Java and (un)installing plugins?
Kind of Just_Forget_It?
Switch back to OpenOffice?

Do you have full JDK installed? See this earlier Q&A and the links it contains.

Hi David,

Followed the links, read the thread and installed the JDK which indeed did the trick.
Still `interesting´ that the JDK has to be installed in order to use functions that are part of the JRE, but that is a different discussion.


@BlameDutchie Please see my answer in this post → Still can’t find Java installation which should help clarify the need for JDK on Mac.

The full JDK has to be installed.