LO 7.1 High CPU spike in Print, Options, Paragraph dialog use (see images)

I have been using both OpenOffice and LibreOffice for years, and may God bless those who provide this exceptional software, however in recent versions, it seems at least beginning with the 7.1 series, then the dialog boxes usually hang for a few seconds when I use them. Meaning, you cannot typically just go to Print and type in the page numbers that you want to unless you wait a few seconds.

Now I usually have about 10 documents open along with other applications and no doubt this LO delay is related to CPU use by the latter, however this use has been typical for me for years and neither LO or AOo did this in the recent past nor does the latter (which I run concurrently for one document) do so now, nor when I used to use it for most of my document editing instead of LO and with many other applications running.

I wonder if any other heavy users are experiencing this.

Below are images with relevant specs (wait where is Insert image on the toolbar?).

I want to add that the hang is not just for a few seconds as in 3 or so, but about 10 or more depending on the edit one is seeking to engage in.

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The Upload icon as shown in the guide. Off-site images are frequently ignored.

Are the numbers percentages? If it is, then it doesn’t look as though LibreOffice has particularly high readings in your images.

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Thanks, it was easy. I was used to an image icon for inserting such, and tried BB code.

…then the dialog boxes usually hang for a few seconds when I use them.

You should describe that in more detail.
Is this only at the beginning, e.g. when you open a file or after you have paused?

Possible time wasters can be:

  • Hard disks that are in sleep mode
  • Virus protection programs
  • many open tasks

Otherwise, I agree with @EarnestAl , the screenshots are not particularly striking. Even if you had recorded a short-term peak value, that still has no significance for LibreOffice. It is always the interaction between hardware and software that is decisive.

You can try to get to the bottom of the matter by temporarily disabling the aforementioned time guzzlers.

If they are errors, they should be reproducible.

If you want to report the behavior as a bug in Bugzilla.

See also:

How to report bugs in LibreOffice
Please post the link of the bug here.
Edit your initial question to do so.
Thank you very much.

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Thanks for the reply. (Note that for some reason it seems I cannot get paragraph spaces to show in this post, so I will place bullet points for each paragraph.) Yes, the numbers are the % of CPU use which should not be much (the Firefox one with 11.7% have about 300 tabs open) and read on. This delay occurs all the time after LO and even just one file has been opened in it (and auto save only occurs every 14 minutes) and sat there for hours, but the CPU spike and delay occurs for just a basic function as margins in page styles, with the LO spiking CPU use up to over 23%, and the delay increases (and extends to more functions) with the CPU load (see below)

• It is not hard disks that are in sleep mode since the option to do so has been turned off, and the drive LO ruins off is a Silicon Power 512GB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 with plenty of free space. All the other drives are SSD.

• As far as virus protection, the only one is Windows 10 Defender.

• As regards as many open tasks, yes, as said, that cause due to use of CPU is suspect, yet even if I close down all other resource hungry programs that I have launched except for one browser (16 tabs), and with the overall CPU usage under 7% then the LO CPU spike and delay is still there in making changes as described - unlike Apache OO when I open the same document in it and edit it the same way. With AOo, doing something like changing the paragraph spacing then I have instant response, but with LO there is always delay, as if I was running an old PC.

• Yet I do have an old Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop - Pentium Dual Core - 1.8ghz - 2GB running Kubuntu and so i tried LO under that OS and found that it does not have this delay with just the factory settings.

• Further investigation:

• I started LO in Safe Mode (having found out you could!) and the delay disappeared. I then tried it with just the extensions disabled, but the delay was still there.

• Thus the issue must be with my profile (no, no, not that!). I had migrated certain files in the past such as acor_en-US.dat, standard.soc, bookmarks_top.json without this issue occurring.

• So no bug report is fitting for having done more investigation as a result of not finding any known problem and solution as a result of my post (I had searched beforehand) now I need to do what I wanted to avoid, and “restore to factory settings” (or just do a clean install of the 7.2 LO) and experiment on what can migrate without this issue occurring.

• But it seems that I can no longer edit my original question or post (option now gone).

Thank you for your responses which fostered more investigation, and ruled out other solutions than a restore.

• I will try to post back if I find out what migrated file caused this.

…and “restore to factory settings” (or just do a clean install of the 7.2 LO) and experiment on what can migrate without this issue occurring.

Please note that a new installation is not the same as a factory reset.
When you reinstall, the profile is retained.
You must therefore actively reset the profile.

Yes, having found that the extensions were not the problem, I backed up my whole profile folder and installed the latest LO and then ran SafeMode and choose Reset to factory settings, and now LO works as it should, meaning no delay, even with some toolbar customization and extensions added and 11 documents open, some rather large.

• Setting margins in page styles only rises the CPU charge to less than 2%, and the highest I found was a spike to almost 5% for Customize, but that was momentary. And regardless, the delay which I constantly faced in editing so many documents is gone, thank God, and those who make this fine software and users as you who seek to help the masses who use it.

• BTW, the main reason I use LO over AOo (not to slight it) is because of its Area fill feature for backgrounds like in Frames. For I like customization. And colors:

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