LO not saving documents completely

Have LibreOffice all versions to this latest (x64).
The purpose of my work is to share it with my kids and family that are spread out in 3 countries.MOst Know only how to browse google - not to create directories, download and install anything.
LibreOffice has problems, missing options, that to me are CRITICAL:
Not saving Document properties - that makes all documents not portable, Word or Impress, all I use.
When moved to another PC (my family) - all “Saved” Document properties are Reset to no boxes checked… and I have maybe a couple hundred boxes that I do have to redo one by one every time I open any Impress document after reboot.
These properties I set when saving document:
Security - Read only checked / Protect-psw: Open / I have set it to see if this will save the document as it should. Unprotect is grayed out upon reopening, preventing me to do anything with it. So this protection is a farce. That should not be grayed out so can be opened by anyone with the correct password
Font - Embed fonts / Only fonts in this document / Latin & Complex.
Using ARIAL and Christi.
But what ever Fonts, to me Embedding anything means it does not have to be installed on different PC or different OS.
Embeded anything is permanently set into the document, wherever it goes.
Not happening in LibreOffice.

B-IMPRESS - Fonts, and Interaction
I am workking now two years designing my family Ancestry living slide Show. That long because
ai have to contantly redo stuff that supposed to be saved, and it is not.
In documenty properties I sellect Embed fonts - check every thing but Asian fonts.
After installing new hard drive and reinstalling LO, I loaded up my “Saved” Slide show and tried to run it.
What a horror story:
1- Not Embeding fonts in documents renders the slide show unusable. When moved to another PC fonts are replaced with PC default font that is also supper large size.
Wrecks all slides with text on them with wrong Font that is wrong size.
2- INTERACTION - My slides have many objects with names that I do set Interactions to go to a specific slide or document. All my Interactions were wiped out / reset, and that is happening even There is no option to protect them.
Interaction Go to page or Object: Interactions are not being set when slides file is saved.
Selected slide number are being changed to:
No action, non-existent Slide 0, or Random wrong number between 1 to non-existent slide (example 124) (I had only 24).
This alone renders the Slide show presentaion completely unusable.
Interaction Go to document: often it is changed to wrong directory, or drive.
The drive letter should not be required, Presentation slideshow should run everywhere, on any drive as long as all necessary files are in the same directory: /Ancestry/ filename.extention
Please pass this on for future fix/update/upgrade.
Thank you in advance

There is not “Word” application in the LibreOffice. The document editor is the Writer.
Always use the native, international Standard ODF file types (.odt, .ods, .odp, .odg) for your important documents.

Using ARIAL and Christi.

Use the really free (and therefore freely portable) fonts bundled in the installer of the LibreOffice. Some commercial fonts are not embeddable into the documents.
And every person can install the really free LibreOffice. Then you do not need embed the used fonts.

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Alfie-B’s message:

I must thank you for responding to my statements.
OK on the Word vs Writer - my mistake, Microsoft brainwashing…
Pointing to my mistake in the word and not addressing any other issues - that speaks of your inability to grasp the gravity of the matter.
However it is your mistake to offer no real solution, and preach what others should do instead of being helpfull.
I would not even post the real critical problems with this software if there were solutions to those problems.
Installed native Font packages simply do not have the flare and all accented letters that my language needs. Embedding simply does not work, same as many other features. So who are you to just flap your lips?
I thought that I have explained the matter quite clearly.
I asked for for those concerns to be passed onto someone who can fix them (Have I forgot to mention that?)
Have a nice day

  • I have suggested you to use the boundled fonts: it is a real help for you.
  • I have suggested to enforce the really free LibreOffice for your whole family: it is a real help for you. It eliminates all of the compatibility problems.
  • Information of the behavior of some commercial fonts: it is a real help for you.

And how we can guess what language and accentual font you needed - when you post your question onto the English Forum?
Otherwise the boundled DejaVu font family contains almost the entire UNICODE font set.

Do you meant this Christy font?

This font has not contain even the Hungarian accentual letters ő, Ő, ű, Ű… Nothing to do with the LibreOffice. Do not use this font, if some characters are missing, what you needed. Or try to add characters by usage the free FontForge software.

or the Cristie?

Same: there are not ő, Ő, ű, Ű accentual characters.

We can not test it without a precise information…

And please upload your small .odp type and/or an .odt type sample file here.

Hi Tibor,

morning is here, so I wish you a good morning. Also, please do accept my apology for being unkind.
This is between you and me, do not want to post this on the forum.
Besides I use and do business through email, not forums or Facebook etc. Easy to attach screenshots etc…
Fonts are not a problem at all.
The Embedding Fonts option does not work when selected and set with a check-marks. In plain English the selection does not stick.
All check-marks are being reset to blanks.
That is part of major LO problem of not protecting already set options.
To me, the most important and critical are the Interaction options I set. They keep being reset to blanks or wrong target.

I will try to say something about me, and try to make you understand that this is not about Fonts.
OK, on the language. I am born in Czechoslovakia, native language Czech. 32 letter alphabet.
In any language pack I still have to look for special characters across more then one Latin pack, and insert them where needed.
Not one package contains all, and can’t even type them with CZ-QWERTY remapped keyboard.
I have found a solution long time ago (will be 2 years now), my kids already have all LO native and special fonts, and LibreOffice installed.

That was very simple, but a great hassle and unwillingness on kids part to overcome.
However several of my relatives are over 85, it is a miracle that they actually recognize a keyboard.
Converting their PC to whatever is beyond their ability.
So I do have to save native LO files to old 97-2003 MS BS (.doc and .ppt) the only versions that seem to work from LO except the Interaction.
If I had MS-BS I would use their office not LO, just for them.

So many available functions of LO do not actually work, and that makes it impossible for my presentation to be fully portable.
My family Ancestry Slideshow, if all put together in one file, it would have more then hundred slides and be way over 10MB in size.
External documents pages will exceed 100 when my work is ready for distribution.
I had to split it into many individual documents and Slide Shows.
Something on this scale and required functionality was never attempted by anyone as far as I know.
I am dealing with that short-coming (crap) every day in some form, Even consider installing OpenOffice to see if that is any better.
So finally I had enough and posted my article - list of 4 non working functions and that is just a tip of the iceberg…
We can go into details if you are up to working on the fix yourself, or delegate the fixes to programmer community.
So, before we go into more detail, I would like to know what you actually do outside the Forum.
I mean are you a LibreOffice programmer in any form or shape?

I do not have any presentation that I would be willing to share, as it all contains private information, my family members their pictures, etc. (as bad as giving you my VISA pin number)
It is very simple for you or anyone at LO to find these problems in few clicks in any presentation you can muster, as long as it is not a simple and mindless
pounding the Space-bar to get to next picture. You can pick any version of LO and MS or Linux OS versions.

My experience with tech support since the conception of internet is on the scale to 100 about 3.
This is true especially for Forums.
Gave up on Bugzilla, postings are degraded in importance, and some probably will not see the light this century.
Linux Mint Forum, so far no real help there, OK for simple problems. The forum format is so archaic it hurts (the search options).
No way to ask a question for more complicated problem. Need to be upgraded from 5 word limit.
Found a way to go around some of the problems myself - some were pretty trivial.
But that is not a Fix that should be done to software.

All my life I was and still am a trouble shooter of machinery, and since invention of Atari, any program I am using.
If it contains option that does not work, I say so, and try to get it functional as it should be.
The general response is more about Who am I to point out to anyone there is a bug in their “perfect” software?
Unfortunately I am not a software programmer, or I would fix it myself.
I do have 2 websites with over 700 webpages I programmed myself by typing every character by hand, so I am not an ignorant newbie
I am using both Windows 10 Pro (Without Office) and LibreOfice, and Linux Mint 20.3 with latest LibreOffice - all 64bits.
Composing, creating, and translating from English to Czech language and vice versa, in whichever OS or language I am working for the day.
Every day.
I sincerely hope that you see at least some light here.
Looking forward to your reply.
My best regards

I do not have any presentation that I would be willing to share, as it all contains private information, my family members their pictures, etc.

Then you must create one. Just use the desired fonts and the special characters in a few words in it,
Here is my sample Document with the embedded fonts what i have used in it: The Flow-Cont_hu.ttf.
The File - Properties - Fonts - Font embeding is a Document-level option. It will valid for the actual document only. If you want to set as a default parameter for the Impress, then you need modify the default template of the Impress. Search on the Forums: How to modify the default templates in the LibreOffice.
I am sure that you have not such font, what I embedded into the sample file.

EmbeddedFont.odp (890.7 KB)
It must be appeared:

We can go into details if you are up to working on the fix yourself, or delegate the fixes to programmer community.
So, before we go into more detail, I would like to know what you actually do outside the Forum.
I mean are you a LibreOffice programmer in any form or shape?

You must report the bug - if it is a bug really.
I am egineer, but I am only a User of the LibreOffice as you are.

Hi Tibor

thank you for this note. Much appreciate it. I have done all that a long time ago.
Right up front - I had already wiped the LO from my PC and reinstalled it afresh to alleviate another slew of problems.
The BUGS I report are ever present in all versions of LibreOffice and both my OSs.
I not only point to a problem, but suggest what is missing.

As I said in my long-winded explanation I have NO problem with fonts.
They work fine for me, and there is a specific reason and purpose for selecting those particular fonts.
The problem is directly in LO not protecting set options. Embedding Fonts and Security Protection (Read only) are options in file properties.
They could actually work if the properties were saved with the file. Instead upon Saving all check-marks are cleared.
So no Embedding took place. Tried Protection with password, Open file as Read only. It worked on some items.
BUG was that I was not able to continue Editing this file because the “Unprotect” the file with a password was grayed out.
So technically the Protection has not worked for saving interactions, or embedding and could not be undone with a password.
Lucky I had an unprotected copy. The Interactions, and Embedding were all reset.

The Embedding Font I have already bypassed, but it should be fixed, as thee Undoing the Protection should be available - not grayed out…
Now the omission / lack of protection for the Interaction is a critical issue, that must be fixed.
My Presentation has too many Interactions to constantly check and reset to where they were set to when file was SAVED.

Here is just one small slide example I can send to you, could send you many more:
See if you can do something about it.
Have a great day, take care

Hi Tibor
Are you being funny?
I see that deflecting is your tech motto.
After all, the LO software is so perfect you have hardly any calls, you do not do programming, and all you got to do is pass the problem on.
The fact is:
.odp is a document and a file regardless of content. If there is a text to embed it should do that.
As a file it has properties, file properties for that specific file, and each and any specific LO file.
It does not specify any exceptions, and it is not grayed out if it does not apply for any reason…
This is not a bulk setup option. If it offers options for that specific file, the option must work. That is the bottom line.
End of this discussion.
As for creating a a special presentation, I do not have the time (that is the truth) and I see would just be wasted anyhow.
You gave me a name but have not attached your file example.
Have a great day, you reached my 3 out of 100 tech supports.
Truth is, after your first reply, I was giving you a second chance and I was hoping for better.
Have a great day

Hi Tibor,

Thank you for sharing.
Instead of trying to be important and thus wasted all my Sunday time trying to explain to you something you have no clue about,
You should have just send me those two bottom line on your first contact.
Well maybe you will have some good fix for someone, just stick to addressing the problem with actual help.
No need to reply, take care.
Have a great day

You said earlier that you need to save in ppt format for some relations who do not have a higher version installed and are unwilling to install Libreoffice. The ppt format might not allow all the functionality that current versions of LibreOffice or MS Office have. Converting between current MS and LO formats will lose functionality especially if there are multiple conversions

You might consider exporting presentation to pdf and let Adobe Reader work as the presentation software. Adobe Reader does a passable job and works with presentation clickers. Press Ctrl+L for full screen and use a presenter or the arrow keys/mouse to navigate. See pdf I have added hyperlinks to and from page three, subset of fonts embedded
TestChristieEmbedded.pdf (31.4 KB)

Otherwise you could use portableapps (https://portableapps.com/) with a version of LibreOffice bundled with fonts and with the presentation. Portableapps runs on Windows only however, not Mac or other operating systems.

I had a play with the second Christie font that @Zizi64 linked to which looks like the one in your screenshot. That font is dated 1996 and it does not embed into LibreOffice but Abril Fatface on slide 2, which is more modern, does so it looks like a problem with the Christie font. Try another font, e.g. Google Fonts: Lily Script One or Google Fonts: Chicle have some similarities.
TestChristieEmbedded.odp (913.8 KB)
Note how much the file size increases with embedding compared to the pdf earlier.

Without a sample it is hard to know what problems you have met. If you think there is a bug then this is not the place to post, see the " How to use this site" page, This is the guide - How to use the Ask site? - #3 by Hrbrgr

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Yes, the LO can save these properties: into the file. If you want to modify the software default values, then you MUST modify the DEFAULT TEMPLATE of the LO. Or use your own templates, when you create a new document.

Then what it that blue link above the attached image? Please download it, and try it. You will see that the LO can embed the Fonts into the native file formats. Maybe it not work with the obsolete and foreign file formats. (The referenced font is embedded in the attached document.)

Wow - will close down my computer as it is using Windows …

Hi Earnst AI,

Thank you for piping in. I am surprised that my email goes to forum. That is very refreshing.
Everyone else has noreply@ avoiding all contacts.
Must be why my email has no links, only file names. That could be looked at.
To your response: First line -I have said no such thing. Second line is untrue, it actually works.
If you have read all that I wrote, you would not even reply.
I said already that I have NO problem with fonts. Any fonts, however old or complex they are on both Windows and Linux.
Neither do my relatives. All have that font, and fonts like Liberation sans, plus some other LO fonts installed on their MS BS OS, even my grandma.
That is my work-around the problem, and it is the easiest action - just click Font file attached to email.
Except that does not fix the software.

Using Adobe reader? That was a good idea, just not for me. Yes, it is interesting, I had no idea you can actually run any presentation with it, is not what it is intended for.
Promoting Adobe Reader? Yes, it is a great old program.
That compares to a worker in one factory promoting products of another factory.
Some places you would get a pink slip for that. You must be another just a user.
I only strive to see any program work as it supposedly is, not looking for just for workarounds.
Yes, that is my bottom line.
Honestly, I do have no more time for this discussion
I see I am in a wrong forum.
Thanks again. Take care and have great day

Hi Tibor,

I am surprised you are still pursuing this.
I only strive to see the programs work as they supposedly are.
Yes, that is my bottom line.
Your suggestion is absolutely out of your pay-grade that I “Must” do
something to make software work.
You are actually ordering me : “you MUST modify the DEFAULT TEMPLATE of
the LO” ???
Sorry to disappoint you. This is NOT my job, this is the LO programmer’s
I am not even remotely qualify, and neither are you by the sounds of
your comment.
We are done.
Have a day, night, whatever

Yea, Wanderer,

“Wow - will close down my computer as it is using Windows …”
That was the greatest supper duper technical support so far.
I suggest to you to follow your own advice to the letter.
You may get a life after MS.
You have just lowered my score for Forums tech support on the 100 scale from 3 to 2.
Wishing you succeed

It is absolutely incorrect! You must create (or get somewhere) the templates what YOU want to use (lots or a few only). You can adjust all of the settings related to the templates. And you can set one of them as the default template of the Application. - if you want to use dirrerent settings than the “original default template” has… This is the normal working of the LO.

Why you think that your personal settings are appropriate for EVERY USER?

There are lots of settings, what you can modify by usage of the User Interface directly. And there are lots of another settings, what you can modify by changing the Default Templates.

Every application has its own Default Template.

Please write shorter posts.

What is this line for then?

Why did you ask the question if it works?

I suggested Adobe Reader as it is available for many operating systems and is often already installed so compatibility is less of an issue and it allows embedding of subsets of fonts reducing file size. PDF is intended for read-only. LibreOffice is excellent for exporting to PDF.

If you think there is bug then you must post it on bugzilla, not here.

Maybe this forum for different software will help Some fonts not embedded when a PowerPoint 2010 or above presentation is saved in an earlier format - Office | Microsoft Docs . Spoiler alert “This problem occurs because the fonts that you used are either restricted fonts or cannot be embedded.”

Find the font on your computer, right click it and select Properties. In the Details tab what does it say for Embeddability? The similarly named font I downloaded, Christie.ttf , is Restricted and won’t embed as an editable font in Impress, but at the lower level of print and preview (for pdf) it can be embedded.

This Adobe Forum has a similar question with an authoritative answer by Dov Isaacs, former Adobe Principal Scientist: Solved: Font embedding issue - Adobe Support Community - 9997826