Make first cell the 'master' in mail merge / labels

I have an Avery postcard template that I replicate often and execute mail merges with. The template has two postcards on a page, however, at some point a few months ago, and for reasons unknown to me, the “Synchronize” no longer works to replicate the first “master” postcard contents to the second “slave” cell. So, I’ve continued to copy/paste the contents from the master cell to the slave cell. I know I can get the expected functionality back by creating “New Labels” and going back through the wizard, however, for many reasons I don’t wish to explain here that isn’t easy/feasible. My question is: is there a way to re-assign the first cell as the “master” and remaining cell the “slave” so the Synchronize button works again?
Mucho appreciado!

Hi @ triggerdingus1,
the main thing of Synchronizing is that you use sections for this procedure, not single cells.
If you use the Synchronize graphic control button you first have to generate a label page by the wizard (menu File), then you may erase the entire page contents. The button will still exist. Copy your postcard elements in this page and fill the first cell with the master section, the other one with the child or slave section. Then the Synchronize graphic control button can do its work.
See my little sample file, HTH.
MasterChildLabelInTableCell.odt (9.7 KB)

I appreciate the response and example.
I understand your explanation and it makes perfect sense. The issue I have is at some point, my “Master” is no longer replicating to the slave section. I still have the Synchronize button, but it doesn’t do anything suggesting I somehow lost the master/slave relationship. I’ve attached an example created from my production postcard file. Any way to restore that Master/Slave relationship so the Synchronize button works again?
Postcard-BNK-face.odt (90.3 KB)

Section1 in your file had lost connection (link) to MasterLabel section, I recovered it. It should work now as desired. Additionally I set a graphic object for duplication, it worked. Be aware that the graphic object is anchored as character. See attached document.
Hint: You may also set a color as a background for the (master) section. It won’t transfer to the child/slave section. The child section is not protected so could edit it and assign another color as a background. Use Menu Format | Sections…
Postcard-BNK-face_RecoveredLink.odt (98.1 KB)

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Now I see how the relationship is set. Thanks very much! That was quite helpful.