Manage two data series with different range for x-Values

Dear all,
I am trying to superimpose two data sets with different x and y values on the same graph.
I thought this could be achieved by using the minor axes.
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to associate the data series with the respective axes and the result is as shown in the figure.
Any ideas on how to get around this?


I managed to obtain the following result but the blue data set is filtered by many points (Compare with the image above).
Any idea why this happens?


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The blue data in the new chart are the values from 1 to 14.

See related question.

Dear LeroyG,
I agree with you.
But the reference axis for the blue series should be the one at the top with values from 0 to 33.

Add a secondary y-axis for second data series

Double-click on your chart to open it for editing

Right-click on the chart background and select Insert/Delete Axes

Under Secondary Axis, tick the box y-axis

Make a decision as to which data series you want against the secondary axis. Right-click on the chosen data series graph line and select Format data series.

In the Data series dialog, select the Options tab. Under Align Data Series to click Secondary y-axis, Click OK

I don’t think you can have different ranges for x-values.

Add a column (D in my sample) with the X values of red data multiplied by the ratio of maximum X values of blue and red (32/14 in my sample).

See sample file.


Adapted answer to meet @erri comment:

See sample file.

Tested with LibreOffice and (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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This actually works!
However, it is surprising that LibreOffice does not have a function that allows you to display two series with different data in the same graph. I think this is really useful for any form of comparison.