Math: How can I change libreoffice math command font?

Hi all, need help.
The command fonts in my libreoffice math are display not properly. I change the system font (ubuntu OS) but still look not good. I want, it looks normally, better than now. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance

Math component in LibreOffice does not behave like others. It is a bit outdated and did not really keep up with the others. Amongst others, its integration is questionable. For example, its defaults are not set through Tools>Options but with a bunch of menu items independent from each other (shame).

To customise various Math aspects, consider the Format menu.

  • Fonts controls which fonts are used in various circumstances
  • Font Size defines the relative sizes of formula elements
  • Spacing sets spacing between elements
  • Alignment sets the alignment of elements within the formula (the formula itself is an atomic object when back in Writer)

IPORTANT! Set your preferences before composing a formula. Once again, Math has not been updated for long and it seems to format its formulas from what is current in Format at time of formula creation. Changing things afterwards is quite difficult.

Read the Math Guide for more information.

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I think the question here is about the font used by the editor, not the resulting formula. In that case, I know of no way to change the monospaced font used by Math, or even its size.

When asking questions, always state the version of your OS and LibreOffice.
Because you are using Ubuntu I am guessing it is a recent version.
Apparently the Ubuntu 18.04 update messed-up some font metrics.
See: Bug 117411 - Font metrics slightly changed after update OS to Ubuntu 18.04
The way to fix that issue is to go back to the previous version of the fonts before they changed them.

So one option is to replace the font in your system.
The code font used in Math is Liberation Mono.

You can also use the LibreOffice Font Replacement Table to change to a working font.
I changed it to a mono font I have called Gintronic.

Options Font Replacement Table

The result shows the Gintronic font is now in use.

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Oh sorry, I have been used Ubuntu 18.04 and Libreoffice version 6.0.
Thanks, I did it and now it’s solve. Thanks