Mysterious number "10" appears in centre of calc chart

I have a calc line chart which, for reasons totally mysterious to me, displays the number 10 in the centre of the chart. This number is part of the chart, as it moves with the chart when I move the chart in the spreadsheet. However, when I double click the chart to edit its properties, the number disappears, only to reappear when I exit the chart edit mode. There is no cell in the spreadsheet with the number 10, and I can think of no reason why any number should be displayed in the centre of the chart display. Can anyone suggest why this number appears in the chart and how to remove it?

This can happen if you select the chart with a single click and start typing as the frame object is just a drawing object that also can be “texted” like any other drawing object. To remove the text just single click the chart to select it again and hit F2 to edit the text, then Ctrl+A and Delete. Or context menu to format or position the text…

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Had the same problem and it helped me a lot. Thanks.

I just found the same issue. I have been saving seperate (Same format and chart design) weekly spreadsheets, for my blood pressure and BPM readings, to spot any trends etc. I simply save the week one as "Week 2 then week 3 etc, (to end up with one separate, but same format spreadsheet & chart for each week) then re-populate it accordingly with that week’s data, and the chart on that spreadsheet loads up to suit, and so on. My Week 3 sheet though, suddenly developed this issue, although a different number appeared - centre of chart.(Mine was 131110 - which doesn’t seem to relate to anything)

I simply highlighted and copied all my data from the week 3 spreadsheet, then closed it. I then opened sheet 2. I then deleted the existing data from sheet 2, and pasted in the sheet 3 data. (The graph immediately adjusted to the new data.I then (Still on the updated sheet 2) hit “save as” , and simply changed the existing title from Sheet 2, to sheet 3. It then does the usual “Sheet 3 already exists” routine. I simply chose yes to over write it. that way, sheet 2 was still intact, but a replacement sheet 3 has been created, using only the sheet 3’s original data. Problem gone. Hope that helps. If you only have one data sheet, then I don’t know, other than starting afresh, either redoing the chart from scratch, or starting over completely.

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This is no solution to the problem. Move you “me too” complaint into a comment under the initial question and delete this “non-answer”.

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sorry. caps lock. wasn’t looking until too late. (I have arthritis and didn’t realise I’d caught it.)

If you still have a spreadsheet with the issue (on anonymous non intrusive data), attach it to your answer for analysis.

i rectified the issue, as above. thankyou.

Yes, I saw you found a workaround but it might be interesting for others to diagnose the original cause.

If it happens again, attach a file to your answer. It will automatically refresh the question and push it at top of “active” ones.