Registered iFilter not found

I was just checking out some indexing options for another program I have just installed and I noticed that all of the LO file types had the title of this thread next to their extensions. I have LO 4.0.2 installed on Win 7 x64.

How can this be fixed please?



This appears to be a recurring problem with the Windows 64bit DLLs for ODF Indexing/Search getting registered. It was fixed in the v3.3.x series (fdo#36950), and again in v3.5.x series (thread / fdo#47949), and now the v3.6.x/4.0.x series (thread / fdo#56035) has the same issue.

There is a solution for the v3.6.x series in the answer to the last thread linked above and comment #11 in the related bug. Possible solutions for v4.0.x series are provided in comment #18 onwards (basically grab the required DLLs from either Apache OpenOffice v3.3 or LO v3.5.7.2).