Reordering Conditional Formats (Not Conditions)?


I am using LibreOffice 7.3.1 and working on sheets using Calc.

Under “Format” > “Conditional” > “Manage…”, there is a list of Conditional Formats. When “Edit…” is clicked, a list of Conditions will show up. The order of Conditions can, indeed, be changed by the buttons labeled “Up” and “Down”. However, the order of Conditional Formats cannot be changed, as there does not exist similar buttons in the first dialog, but only in the second one.

The order of Conditional Formats affects their priority, which then affects the specific formats being applied. Is there a way to rearrange the order of Conditional Formats without removing and adding them one by one?

It works for me in my PortableApps LO 7.3.1

This is exactly “reordering conditions”, not “reordering conditional formats” that OP wanted, and that is about the parent dialog of this one. The problem OP faces is likely when there are overlapping ranges in different conditional formats, which is when their order is important.

Please file an enhancement request.

Already reported, by the thread author