Request: Start content at the top of new document columns

When I divide Writer document sections into columns, then I want the content to appear at the top of each column.

Currently, Writer goofs up the vertical spacing depending on the contents of the previous column. This results in vertically staggered content across the whole of the page, for example, when using headings. Headings at the top of columns should be vertically aligned to match with each other, but they’re not.

Sections balance content across the columns. How do you mean "vertically staggered content? Can you give an example showing the problem?
Here is my example using Insert > Section
Sections.odt (46.5 KB)

Maybe you want to use a table?

Or do you mean you want to set Page Line Spacing (previously Register true) in Page Style > Page > Layout Settings? See Printing with Page line-spacing (register-true)

I’m using a table as a hack, but it seems reasonable to expect that every column begin content at the top of the column.

The problem is worst with common English text involving multiple font sizes, line spacings, ordered and unorderd lists, and paragraph buffers.

This problem is not unique to LibreOffice. It effects Google Docs as well, and possibly Microsoft Word. But it’s something that LibreOffice could easily fix. Even a boolean section option, default off, to address this problem would be appreciated.

What happens in the space below the content of the previous column? You can insert a column break.

Page line spacing fixes this, see sample odt below.

You could click Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Compatibility and untick Add paragraph and table spacing at tops of page
PageLineSpacing.odt (58.2 KB)

Without actually seeing the problem (no sample provided): tdf#50068?

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To better understand the issue, please describe your specification for text:

  • are columns continuation from each other? In other words, if text is bigger than remaining space in column, does it flow into next column or in corresponding column on next page?
  • how do you format text? with styles or direct formatting?
  • do you need some form of vertical “sync” of text between columns?
  • how do you space vertically? with styles or empty paragraphs?

    Please, provide an example document.
    And don’t forget to mention OS name, LO version and save format.