Right-align page#s at beginning of line in automatically generated TOC?

My question is similar to this one: ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/36507/is-it-possible-to-right-align-footnote-numbers-and-have-a-hanging-indent-for-the-footnote-text/, but pertains to automatically-generated tables of contents.

In a table of contents with page#s at beginning of line (followed by by tab then chapter name), can page#s be right aligned?

Put another way, can right-alignment be applied to single element of TOC entry? Any right-alignment that I try to apply either has no effect or right-aligns entire TOC entry.

Please note that there is currently limitations on the types of TABs available for use in the ToC. Refer old enhancement tdf#32360.


  1. A Character Style can apply Font Linux Libertine G:algn=1 (effect is right align, documentation here).
  2. You can apply a Character Style to elements of a table of contents: click the code in Structure line and select in the listbox.

See TOC_Right_Number.odt