Save Command Faulty

I had a difficult time signing in since last week, not knowing how to get to this site even though I posted here before. After beginning a new text document, I could not save it either with the drop down menu or command function keys. I ended up emailing the copied and pasted content to myself in two different inboxes. This is Windows 7 64-Bit, damaged already from having used some combination of Chrome and Zoom. To work on the document I had planned on bringing it up on my Mac Catalina, where I also have LibreOffice, then emailing it back because my Windows 7 only has the printer driver. I hope this is only a temporary glitch since ever since I have been afraid to do anything else on this LibreOffice, even continuing work on documents already saved. As advised earlier on this site, I Saved using the .doc format. Thank you.

As advised earlier on this site, I Saved using the .doc format.

No way! This must be a fake.

It could be a compatibility problem between ODT and DOC.


Recommendation for clean working with LibreOffice when different Office programs are used.
Always create and save your files in LibreOffice and save them in ODF format (ODT, ODS, etc.).
Always keep these files as their source.
If you need other formats for distribution to partners, you can open an ODF file and save and distribute another format with ″ Save as… ″.
This way, you always have working files available in your system environment.


Edit different file formats in LibreOffice


Please report the behavior as a bug in Bugzilla .

See also:

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice Please announce the link from the bug here.
To do this, edit your initial question. Thank you.

Try the safe mode. If the error goes away, reset your user profile.

Please read everything well beforehand.

This is Windows 7 64-Bit, damaged already from having used some combination of Chrome and Zoom.

Then maybe you should fix your operating system first.


What did you see when you tried to save the document? If any error message, is there a screenshot? What version of LibreOffice? Cheers, Al

BTW, in Recipients Cannot Open Attachments the advice was to export to .doc as your recipients could not open the .docx. The next paragraph was:

I assume you are aware that you should always save your documents in the LO native format (like .odt) and only convert/export them into other formats (like MS-word) when you need to share them with others who don’t use LO.

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I don’t know if a Comment is the same as a Reply on these pages since it’s been awhile since I had to access them. To answer the question below, when I tried to save that new document, nothing happened, requiring me to copy the text manually to my email addresses, creating two email messages with the text. Now, having tried to update to the newer version, the newer version would not open. I made two attempts to install it. After the first, it did not even create a desktop icon. Before the second attempt I removed the previous version. They would only open is Safe Mode. To restore the previous version, I just did System Restore.

What version? At the moment I am staying on (available in archive). For an older computer, untick Use Skia for all rendering in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View before upgrading.

Back to the original problem of not being able to save to hard drive.
I don’t have Windows 7 but I do know that it came with Windows Defender, maybe MS is still updating that. If that is the case and you have turned on anti-ransomware then you probably need to create an exception for soffice.bin. See Defender Controlled folder access exception for LibreOffice. Cheers, Al

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Regarding the last post, I made it not only in the middle of the night but also after having a difficult time logging in, so difficult that a developer contacted me. After getting in I used what options were visible. Now that I notice it, the site has an unusually small Reply button.

I have not used Windows Defender in a long time. It takes too long to run. As for the System Restore, LibreOffice does not open except in Safe Mode. What should I do with the crash report? Control Panel, Add/Remove shows the version as After that, there is another stable one that did not install. I could not update to that one. By just trying to open LibreOffice I was going to use the Check Update feature to detect to which version my current version tried to update. Before the update attempt I removed malware with Emisoft Emergency Kit Scanner.

If defender takes to long to run, do you use another anti virus program?

We are wasting time. This is the only system I have with a printer driver and I have too much to do on it. I need to have my LibreOffice up and running again. The box that says that the program crashed upon opening is still on my desktop. It says to open a bug report, which sounds like more time wasted. I just want this program to work so I can get working again. Court is a place where I plan to spend a lot of time; and I have an upcoming appearance date soon. Let’s get this version of LibreOffice working again, shall we?

Well in that case the only suggestions are restore your system to an even earlier date or fix/clean install the operating system

If you read the above post, the one your fellow member told me to move and recopy, then you will know that I already did System Restore. Nobody seems interested in the crash report. As for restoring the OS, I would not know how to do that. I have just been through a forced relocation and do not know if I have the discs I created. You know that Microsoft cuts corners and does not provide discs.

After reading the last post I tried the Repair Option in the Control Panel, Add/Remove section of Windows. It went through a routine requiring a reboot. The only change I saw was that the icon moved to a different part of the desktop. It works the same way it did before, creating another crash report while only giving me the option to start in Safe Mode.

To summarise you have:

  • A Windows 7 operating system that might be damaged from virus/Chrome/Zoom/something
  • A computer on which Windows Defender takes a long time to run (slow computer)
  • LibreOffice cannot save to the drive at all
  • LibreOffice can only open in Safe Mode.

You didn’t reply to questions about your system with answers to those questions.
Did you test LibreOffice in Safe Mode to see if you could save files then as suggested in the first comment? You have given no direct answer to that.
Did you install another anti-virus that could be blocking LibreOffice? You have given no answer to that.
Did you try to untick Use Skia for all rendering in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View? Sometimes, it is Skia that causes LO to work only in Safe Mode.

Here are my final suggestions:

  • How much spare room do you have on your hard drive? If there is insufficient free space, you might not be able to write to disc
  • Read General Installation Issues (Windows) - The Document Foundation Wiki and links from it
  • If your operating system is damaged then it needs to be repaired before trying “fix” programs that run on it


  • Export LibreOffice document to PDF and print PDF from Windows 7 machine
  • Install printer driver in Mac

Miracle of God happened. Last Friday after closing out that crash report box, I clicked on the icon again; and it opened normally. Now, not knowing what the problem was, it saves the documents. It reverted back to version The update is ready; but I am not going to install it after what happened last time. My last major step was the Repair option in Control Panel, Add/Remove. Something kicked in that wasn’t working before. So, I’d better leave things this way.

If it happens again then the answer from kompilainenn in LO ver 7.1.6 just installed does not start might help